Who We Are!

Global Matrix Survey is a customer centric organization which is trusted for providing precise and actionable insights to our Global Clients.

Global Matrix Survey work as a partner of choice and trusted resource
for several companies. Global Matrix Survey helps with every step of your research and marketing journey. More than just collecting and analyzing data, we look at each market research project as an opportunity for you to advance your business and extract maximum benefit out of it.

Target Audience

Reach millions of consumers and business professionals globally, profiled on thousands of attributes collected directly from individuals.

Enrich Your Data

Analyze survey data to achieve an in-depth customer view, behavioural insights and much more.

Connect Your Data

Connect data to drive impact, enrich general marketing research, measure and validate real people and real behaviors.

Global Market Survey was established on May 2021.
We can do it better, faster & more cost-effective!

We are market research experts who provide clients all over the globe with a full set of data collection solutions and supporting services to help their businesses grow. We employ the latest technologies and methodologies to procure data that is original, insightful, and of practical use for the client. All research we deliver are of high-integrity ensuring the highest quality standards. Our ambition is to make Global Matrix Survey our clients’ preferred research data collection partner.


Our Vision is to provide cost effective, high quality services with a transparent and strategic mindset & to be one of the leading research companies in the world by using new and innovative was to solve our client’s issues and thus helping them in strategic decision marking.


Our mission is to improve our clients’ business and market understanding by connecting them to the interests, opinions and actions from the world’s largest community of real people to strengthen their market research and advertising activities. We want to help individuals and businesses reach their maximum potential by facilitating their access to thoughts and opinions of people around the planet.


We make sure to review the audience of interest and research objectives to develop the sampling plan that makes the most sense to our clients. May it be Qualitative or Quantitative, Global Matrix Survey is your one-stop shop for all your market research needs.