What is the difference between B2B and B2C?

What is the difference between B2B and B2C?

What is the difference between B2B Marketing and B2C Marketing?


Marketing refers to the process of promoting business products and services through a channel, with an aim of increasing sales and the overall customer base.

  • Identification and development of the product to be offered.
  •  Fixation of price, at which the product is to be sold.
  • Choosing amongst various channels of distribution to make the product available at the customer’s place
  • Deciding various strategies of promotion and implementing them.


B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing implies the marketing of products and services to business houses which uses the same for further production of goods or supply of services or for general business operations or reselling it to customers.

B2C Marketing


B2C Marketing implies the combination of promotional strategies and tactics used by a firm to stimulate the masses to buy the products or services offered, for their own consumption.


B2B VS B2C Marketing

B2B Marketing

Business to Business marketing is a process in which the marketing activity is directed toward business customers, i.e. one company’s products are offered for sale to another company.

  • The logic of the product, its specification, and return on investment
  • Niche Marketing
  • Few Customers
  • Informational and Straight forwards content
  • Price and Profit Potential Purchase Decision
  • Order size is large and higher value orders


B2C Marketing

Business to consumer marketing refers to the process wherein the company uses marketing strategies like advertising to promote its products and services to the target audience, to generate sales.

  • Benefits of the products and invoking an emotional response from the customer.
  • Mass Marketing
  • Many Customers
  • Informational and Entertaining content
  • Price and Popularity purchase decision
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Order size is small and lover value orders


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