Quantitative Research: Definition, Types, Characteristics, Advantages & Disadvantages

Quantitative Research: Definition, Types, Characteristics, Advantages & Disadvantages

Quantitative Research: Definition, Types, Characteristics, Advantages & Disadvantages

Quantitative Research

Quantitative research assigns numbers to the variables for the purpose of discovering relationships between variables under study. It is statistics of human activities that will answer questions like “How much” or “How many”. Focus on exploring new ideas and formulating a theory or hypothesis. It will try to resolve the number of copies of products to be delivered to a certain group of users.

Characteristics of Quantitative research

1. Use ‘top-down’ research

For example The effect of children’s nutrition on cognitive development.

Formulates hypothesis

Use hypothesis and theory with data

2. Based on logical positivism

Anything that exists in a certain quantity can be measured.

3. Quantitative research follows the scientific method in their study

4. Subjects' behavior is considered to be regular and predictable.

5. The objectives of quantitative research are to predict and explain social phenomena.

6. Large samples are used in quantitative survey studies and the random sampling technique is often used in quantitative research to collect data.

Types of Quantitative research

A descriptive Research

Researchers try to answer questions about a particular situation. It is also called survey research.

Correlation research

Relationship between 2 or more variables.

Casual-comparative research

Cause and effect relationship between two or more variables. Manipulation of independent variables is not possible.

Experimental Research

Manipulate the independent variable to see its effect on the dependent variable.


Advantages of Quantitative Research

  1. If we do research with this method, it saves our time.
  2. Result obtained from this research method is reliable.
  3. The result can be generalized.
  4. Easy research method for the researcher, he has to follow only clear guidelines and rules.

Disadvantages of Quantitative Research

  1.  It does not provide a deep understanding of the phenomenon or content.
  2.  Issues are only measured if they are known prior to the beginning of the study.
  3.  There is risk always in the generalization of results on a large population.
  4.  To do this research, researchers should have knowledge of statistics.



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