How to conduct an online survey?

How to conduct an online survey?

How to conduct an online survey?

6 Steps of Conducting an online survey


  1. Think and decide your research goal

At the first, when you create a survey, you have to clear a picture in your mind of why the survey was sent to all and what the outcome will become.

Like, Do you need feedback on a product or your service? Or: why do you want to know what people think about your product or services?

Do you target the right audience? Or will you be sending out online surveys to the right targeted public?

The answer to these questions will help you to find how to target your survey.


  1. Create a list of questions to ask

If you have the right question to ask then you can create a good survey and you can get good results.

. When writing the questions, keep the language very easy and simple and avoid double-meaning questions. One of the advantages of designing an online survey is that members don’t just fill in questions that aren't applicable to them

Some different types of questions are:

  • open questions,
  • closed questions,
  • matrix table questions
  •  single- or multi-response questions
  • multiple-choice questions.
  1. Invite your participants

Inviting people to take part in your survey. There are many types to invite participants:

You can send an email, you can use social media to better reach participants (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn), upload a banner on your website, use online web promotions, and Use the SMS facility, By taking part in your survey will help you decide how best to contact them.

If your research goal needs to target a specific audience you can buy survey responses from a committed consumer panel.

  1. Collect your responses

At the time of doing a survey, that is not only to collect the responses, but it is also very important to monitor the response rate. Like, how the survey full fills our needs, how the survey works out your response rate, how many people respond to the survey, etc.

And yes you can increase the response rate according to you:

  • Giving some gift offers
  • Chance to win something big
  • Win a travel voucher
  • Big rewards or shopping vouchers.

     5. Analyzing Results

Now, it’s time to analyze the collected results to know whether they fulfill our expectations or not and what we do for another survey for better response.

We can use a visualization tool for that and create a chart and report according to better understanding.

• Use phrase clouds on open-ended inquiries to select out typically used responses.

• Insert the data into a sheet to wrangle and review it for trends.

In an online survey one of the most valuable things is that the data is stored automatically, don’t need to enter the particular results in a sheet.

     6. Create a report

The last step is creating a report, the online survey creates some answers and some details, so check, that they have met your research goals. A successful survey gives you the correct answers to your services or products and using this information you can scale up your business.


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